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Kverneland Subsoilers

The Subsoilers are designed to loosen subsoil and break up wheel tracks to improve soil structure and promote good drainage. There are 4 models in this range - CLG-II, CLI, Flatliner and DTX.

Kverneland CLG-II

Chisel ploughs, subsoiler for tough conditions. Designed to loosen subsoil and break up wheel tracks, to improve soil structure and promote good drainage. By increasing the soil's permeability the seedbed conditions for fast and better germination is improved. Better drainage and efficient gaseous exchange lead to an effective nutrient uptake. Available with 2, 3 or 5 tines, with working with up to 2.25m and 7 tined with working wifth up to 2.7m.


  • Kverneland unique steels and Heat treatment processes to the complete CLGII for robustness in extreme soil conditions
  • Improves soil structure an d promotes good drainage
  • Very efficient penetration
  • Efficient elimination of tramlines
  • Flexible "bolt-on" construction to adjust the tine spacing and/or to increase the implement size
  • Unrivalled Kverneland auto-reset leaf spring protection for trouble free working consitions
  • All models can be extended
  • Optional depth control wheels 

Kverneland CLI

The single-beam subsoiler from Kverneland has all the advantages of the curved tine and can be used in combination. An oversized beam of 200 x 200 x 10 receives all the tine supports and the front and rear linkages (option). The single-beam concept provides the most robust rational design, allowing an underbeam clearance of 1175mm, to guarantee operation without jamming at depths from 15 to 40cm. This substantial clearance allows the combination with other tools and the passing of the power take up under the beam. Depth control wheels are available as option. The curved tine of the CLI acts by lifting up the soil volume without disrupting the condition of the surface. Available with 4 or 6 tines with a 3m working width and 6 or 8 tines with a 4m working width.


  • High underbeam clearance for optimum operation
  • Curved tines lifting up the soil without producing clods on the surface
  • Shearbolt safety system rocking to the front to avoid soil loosening tines going in the power harrow trough
  • Rear linkage moving up and down to get maximum clearance in work and compact combination in transport
  • Strong one piece main frame to carry heavy drill combinations

Kverneland Flatliner

The benefits of selective soil loosening should never be underestimated, particularly following a wet autumn. Healthy root growth is essential if crop yields are to remain high. Any sub-surface pans must be identified and then removed. Incorporating the latest technology, the Kverneland Flatliner with the modern V-frame offers the perfect solution. The Flatliner provides maximum shatter of deeply embedded compaction layers with minimum surface disturbance across the working width. It works to a depth from 30cm to 50cm. The frame equipped with bolted clamps for tine fixing enables to adjust the tine spacing. The curved shape of the Pro-lift and LD tines and the high quality chromeboron steel reduce the wear, limit the power requirement and prevent the rising of clods and stones to the surface. Available in 3 or 5 tines with 2.61m working width and 5 tines with 3.15 working width.


  • Maximum soil shatter
  • Minimum surface disturbance
  • Reduced wear
  • Reduced power requirement

Kverneland DTX

As a result of growing farms and shorter weather  periods, time has become a valuable factor. Therefore, the DTX combines different operations in one pass to save time. Designed as a mounted one-pass stubble incorporator/soil loosener for tractors in the 200-360hp range, the DTX is extremely versatile. It can be used for first entry with non-inversion tillage or to knock down ploughing whilst loosening down to 40cm. It is also ideally suited to establish oilseed rape straight into stubble as it leaves a very levelled, fine and consolidated seedbed. The DTX also offers very good trash clearance. The front tines are staggered and the rear discs allow a full cut and mix from 2 to 10cm deep. The Kverneland DTX combines the tines (Pro-Lift or LD) with the proven disc section of the short disc harrow Qualidisc Farmer (Ø 520mm). Soil can be loosened with the Pro-Lift or LD tines down to 40cm while the top soil layer up to 10cm is incorporated with the disc sections. Tines and disc segment as well as the roller DD600 are connected in a high quality frame box which allows the operation even in heavy conditions. The DTX is equipped with side deflectors which are well-known from the Qualidisc range. This ensure perfect levelling in all types of conditions. Both shearbolt and and auto-reset models have 5 tines and a workding width of 3m.


  • Long durability
  • Low power requirement
  • Improved trash flow
  • Deep loosening
  • Respecting the soil structure

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Kverneland Subsoilers

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