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  • Shelbourne Reynolds Powermix Pro Express Diet Feeder

Shelbourne Reynolds Powermix Pro Express Diet Feeder

The Powermix Pro Express range of complete diet feeders is available in both single and twin vertical auger models that give a range of capacities from 9m³ up to 25m³.

The uniquely designed central auger carries out two main functions of chopping and mixing. The Chopping function is carried out by a series of blades fixed to the auger combined with stationary blades mounted to the corners of the tub. The mixing is by the auger lifting the mixture up the centre if the tub and down the sides of the tub and continuing the cycle until the desired mix is achieved.

Standard Features:

  • Steep pitched tall auger for a live action fast mix to aid with positive mix keeping the material live.
  • 2 speed gearbox - High and low speed for auger(Std on 16m³-25m³)
  • 3 feedout legs per auger aid fast even feedout. The floor vein cleans material from the feedout legs and reduces power requirement / tub wear
  • Hydraulic front door & Webbing conveyor to allow consistent feedout rates to either side.
  • Adjustable corner knives to aid chopping and decrease processing time.
  • Straw ring to prevent dry material such as straw overflowing whilst mixing.
  • Load cells - 3x cells on single auger & 4x cells on twin auger
  • Hydraulic braked axle - Braking via tractor trailer braking system.
  • LED road lights for superior lighting.
  • Gearbox oil level / expansion tank - External oil level for the gearbox.
  • Viewing Ladder - The rear ladder allows the operator to asses the level of mix and to add small quantities of supplements.
  • Auger Gearbox - High capacity gearbox requiring minimal routine maintenance.
  • Shearbolt protection on the pto shaft.
  • 15mm Thick Floor & 16mm Lower Sides to provide longevity to the tub.

The Powermix Pro Express is available in the following:

  • Single auger - 9m³, 11m³, 13m³ & 15m³ capacity
  • Twin auger & Single axle - 16m³ & 19m³ capacity 
  • Twin auger & Tandem axle - 16m³, 19m³, 22m³ & 25m³ capacity 

Please call our sales team for more information and advice on the correct model, size etc for you!

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Shelbourne Reynolds Powermix Pro Express Diet Feeder

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