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  • Kverneland Exacta TL Fertiliser Spreader

Kverneland Exacta TL Fertiliser Spreader

The Kverneland Exacta TL is the top of the range model. With the unique reference sensor the weighing system of the Exacta TL will correct automatically on slopes and for shocks. Therefore this spreader can work with high accuracy on rough terrains and in hilly conditions. Speed related spreading, with auto calibration, will help to prevent over and under dosing which will result in better yields and saving of fertiliser. For even more saving of fertiliser and also more comfort, it is possible to use the spreader in combination with GPS. With GPS controlled spreading the Kverneland Exacta TL spreader has 2 sections and automatic start/stop on headlands based on the GEOPOINT. It is even possible to do variable rate spreading according to application maps. This Kverneland Exacta TL spreader is ISOBUS compatible and AEF certified. You can operate the spreader in combination with the IsoMatch Tellus PRO, IsoMatch Tellus GO or any other ISOBUS compatible tractor terminal.


  • CentreFlow spreading system
  • Fully automatic weighing system with unique reference sensor 
  • EasySet for quick and easy adjustment
  • Border spreading is easy!
  • ISOBUS 11783 compatible for easy plug and play
  • Possible in combination with IsoMatch GEOCONTROL


Exacta TLTL 1500 (narrow)TL 1875 (wide)TL 2150 (narrow)TL 2550 (wide)TL 2800 (narrow)TL 3225 (wide)TL 3450 (narrow)TL 3900 (wide)
Hopper Capacity (L)15001875215025502800322534503900
Filling Height (cm)110120129139148158167177
Width (cm)275290275290275290275290
Filling width (cm)269284269284269284269284
Empty Weight (kg)665705695735725765755795
Spread Width (m)12 - 54* 12 - 54*12 - 54*12 - 54*12 - 54*12 - 54*12 - 54*12 - 54*
Output (kg/min)10 - 320 10 - 32010 - 32010 - 32010 - 32010 - 32010 - 32010 - 320

* Depending on fertiliser type and type of vanes.

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Kverneland Exacta TL Fertiliser Spreader

  • Brand: Kverneland
  • Product Code: Exacta TL
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