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Grassland Equipment

Grassland equipment is the variety of equipment used for the making of hay or silage, each piece of equipment is used for one step of the process, cutting, drying, raking, processing and storing. There is usually only a two week window of time in which grass is at its ideal stage for harvesting hay. The hay is cut and allowed to lie spread out in the field until it is dry, then raked into rows for processing into bales. the drying process can be sped up by turning the cyt hay over with a rake, or spreading it out with a tedder. Once hay is cut, dried, raked into windrows, it is usually gathered into bales or bundles, with a baler machine and wrapper or even a combination machine. So depending on what stage of the process you may require a new machine for we have Aerators, Balers & Wrapper, Grass Harrows, Mowers, Rakes, Rollers, Tedders and Toppers from our suppliers like Kverneland, Browns, Fleming, Mchale, New Holland, Joskin, Major, Logic, etc. Please contact us and we can help you chose which machine will suit your business purposes and suit your budget.

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