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McHale F5000 Fixed Chamber Round Balers

The new F5000 range of balers from McHale brings baling to a new level, with better intake capabilities, better chopping options, smoother drop floor operation, superior controls and up to 10% higher density bales.Features like progressive greasing and oiling and the drop floor unblocking system when combined with high specification components, ensures long life, reliability and a machine that is rugged enough to handle the toughest of crops and ground conditions.

The F5000 line up consists of 3 models:

F5400 - Non-chopper baler

F5500 - 15 knife chopper baler

F5600 - Fully automatic, load sensing, 25 knife chopper baler

Machine Guarding

The guarding on the F5000 baler range has been designed using a durable twin skin composite, which is able to absorb the daily knocks and scratches these machines inevitably come in contact with. Once the guarding of the machine is opened up, the operator has easy access to the machine components.

Split Drive Gear Box

All machines in the F5000 range are equipped with a split drive gear box, which ensures that power is evenly distributed. The rollers in the bale chamber are driven from the left hand side of the machine, and the pickup and chopper unit are driven from the right hand side of the machine. This system ensures direct short transfer paths, leading to optimal power distribution.

Pick Up

McHale has tested various types of pick-ups over the last number of years. After extensive testing it was decided that all machines in the F5000 range would be fitted with a 2.1 metre galvanised high intake pick up. The 2.1 metre galvanised pick up lifts even the shortest of crop. The pick up is fitted with lateral feed augers that smoothly guide the crop into the chopping unit. The pick up cam bearings are double raced to stand up to the most testing of conditions. The cam is fitted with a side inspection port that allows the operator to quickly check and change the cam bearings.

Rotor Design

As crop enters the spiral rotor, pairs of rotating tines feed the crop through the chopping unit. The double tines on the rotor ensure high output, while the spiral layout reduces load peaks as the machine works in heavy swaths. The rotor design encourages a uniform crop flow, which reduces the risk of blockages, thus maximising output. The feed rotor or chopping unit now boasts a heavy-duty rotor and comb. The rotor on all F5000 machines is welded on both sides for superior strength and on the drive side the rotor is fitted with a double row bearing with a long service life. 

Chopper Unit

The knives in the chopping unit of the F5500 and F5600 can be engaged and disengaged from the tractor cab. When engaged, the knives extend into the spine of the rotor, which ensures a consistent cut quality. The knives have hydraulic protection. The knives in the chopping unit are made from hardened tool steel, which ensures long life and maximum productivity, through reducing the downtime associated with knife sharpening. To ensure that the machine always delivers a good chop quality, two monitoring systems have been put in place on the F5500 and F5600 balers. 

Drop Floor Unblocking System

All machines in the F5000 range are fitted with the McHale tried and tested drop floor unblocking system, a feature which operators have come to love for it simplicity of use and effective unblocking cycle. As baling conditions are not always ideal, uneven swaths can occur which can lead to blockages. The McHale F5000 baler range is fitted with a drop floor unblocking system, which means blockages can be fed through in three simple steps. 

Bale Chamber

The density system on the bale chamber of the F5000 baler range is capable of delivering 10% more density than the earlier F500 range. As a result the F5000 series of balers have the ability to deliver harder, better packed and higher density bales.

Continious Oiling System

The McHale F5400, F5500 and F5600 are all fitted with a continuous oiling system.

Vario Stretch Net System

The net tension can be simply adjusted on a variable pulley on the right hand side of the machine and a decal displays the various settings that can be achieved using the system, depending on the net quality being used. 

McHale F5400

The McHale F5400 non-chopper round baler features a star shaped feed rotor to quickly and efficiently move the crop from the pick up into the bale chamber. This maximizes the baler performance and throughput.


  • 2.1m pick up
  • Heavy duty feed rotor
  • Drop floor unblocking system
  • 18 roller bale chamber
  • 50 mm bale chamber bearings
  • 1’-1/4” chain on the bale chamber
  • Centralised greasing blocks (manual greasing)
  • High performance vario stretch netter
  • Continuous oiler system
  • Wizard control box (4 digit display)
  • 380/55–17 Tyres

McHale F5500

The McHale F5500 Heavy Duty Baler has a 15 knife chopper unit and drop floor unblocking system.


  • 2.1m pick up
  • Heavy duty rotor
  • 15 knife chopper unit
  • Knife pressure display
  • Knife position sensor
  • Drop floor unblocking system
  • Drop floor sensor
  • 18 roller bale chamber

McHale F5600

The McHale F5600 is fitted with a servo operated load sensing control valve, which makes the baling process fully automatic. The machine is also equipped with a 25 knife chopping unit. 


  • 2.1m pick up
  • High capacity fusion rotor
  • 23 knife chopper unit
  • Knife pressure display
  • Knife position sensor
  • Drop floor unblocking system
  • 18 roller bale chamber
  • Load sensing valve
  • Automatic tailgate opening & closing
  • 50mm bale chamber bearings
  • 1’-1/4” chain on the bale chamber
  • Automatic progressive greasing system
  • High performance vario stretch netter
  • Continuous oiler system
  • Bale kicker sensor
  • Expert plus control box with a large graphic display
  • 500/50-22.5 tyres

For full product information and specifications please download the McHale brochure.

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McHale Fixed Chamber Round Balers

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