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  • ALO Quicke Buckets

ALO / Quicke Buckets

When creating the new bucket range ALO aimed to provide their customers with the best buckets available disregarding type of loader used or type of material handling. They now offer a wide range of buckets for different materials sizing from the smallest yard loaders up to the heaviest agricultural wheel loaders.

New Quicke buckets

  • Type S - Soil bucket - The concave gable design of the soil bucket allows excellent penetration into hard materials such as rocks, gravel, soil and sand. The bucket bottom is shorter than of other buckets but still long enough for full utilization of the bucket capacity.
  • Type G - General bucket - The farmer’s favourite. This bucket type can be used for most of the everyday work at the farm. The slight convex gable design allows for good penetration into tougher materials and the long bucket bottom ensures maximum filling of the bucket – all to increase productivity.
  • Type - V - Volume bucket - When handling large volumes of low to medium density materials, the Quicke volume bucket is your best choice. The heavy convex gable design in combination with the large volume ensures maximum filling and prevents spillage of loose materials.

Original implement generation buckets

  • XV Bucket - A larger bucket for light materials
  • HDXL Bucket - A larger bucket for heavy materials
  • HXV Bucket - The extra volume version of our HV bucket
  • H Bucket - Our standard bucket for a wide range of material
  • HD Bucket - Our heavy duty bucket
  • HV Bucket - The increased volume version of the H Bucket
  • HT Bucket - The H bucket with teeth
  • HDV Bucket - Our heavy duty bucket with increased volume
  • LV Bucket - The larger version of the L bucket
  • L Bucket - Our standard bucket for lighter materials
  • HDX Bucket - A larger heavy duty bucket

Utility buckets & Compact buckets

  • C2 Bucket
  • CE Bucket - European Compact Bucket
  • U Bucket - Perfect for utility material

Special buckets

  • High Tip Bucket - Allows tipping at a higher level
  • MP Bucket - Multipurpose Bucket - The versatile and robust tool for material handling
  • MPU Bucket - Utility Multipurpose Bucket - A more simple version of the Multi Purpose bucket
  • Precision Bucket - Allows pin point accuracy
  • Special Clearing Bucket - The professional tool for clearing snow and other light material
  • Grading Bucket - When grading and levelling this is the professionals choice

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ALO Quicke Buckets

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