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  • MX Handling T400 Loader Range

6 Models Available.

A modern, clean design, providing the ultimate performance, productivity and comfort.

Design features include:-

The Fitlock system which allows quick and easy hitching and unhitching of the loader with only one exit from the tractor cab.

With one simple movement all the hydraulic and electric functions of the loader are fully connected, even under pressure. The parking stands are fully integrated into the underside of the loader arms with a simple and effective lock/release mechanism.

The backbone of the tractor/loader unit is the sub-frame bracket and is specifically developed for each individual tractor model and is designed to distribute stress loads uniformly across the tractor's structure.

PCH-Sytem- A premium benefit, only available on T400 loader models, this system actively increases the loaders lift capacity and speed without needing extra energy requirements from the tractor. It also gives optimum crowd and dump angles.

This loader is able to provide panoramic vision due to the specifically designed fully integrated hydraulic circuit together with well positioned PCH levelling rams that do not obstruct the natural field of vision above the loader arms.

The compensation Rams have two positions allowing the implement angle to be adapted to the work being done.

  • A pallet position- parallel to te ground.
  • A bucket position- to minimise bucket spillage.

All Mx control systems have a double acting hydraulics with detent float position. They are designed to adjust to all types of hydraulic circuits. Combined multi-function movements become instinctive no matter what control system you choose.

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MX Handling T400 Loader Range

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