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  • Shelbourne Reynolds Powerspread Dairy 1600 Muck Spreader

Shelbourne Reynolds Powerspread Dairy 1600 Muck Spreader

The Powerspread Dairy 1600 has a capacity of 1600 gallons (7.25m³) which is suited for a tractor from 85hp. The full length auger rotates at 13RPM and brings the material from the front and rear of the machine to the centrally mounted discharge rotor. The hydraulically operated door opens vertically which utilizes the complete width of the discharge rotor. The discharge rotor works at 700 RPM in an overshot direction which allows the Hardox door to act as a shear bar to fragment the material before spreading in an arc away from the side of the machine.


  • Auger – 33” diameter welded steel auger. Turning at 13 RPM transfers material from the front & rear to the discharge point. The Auger legs push the material to the rotor.
  • Door - Hydraulically operated door with vertical opening to utilize the complete rotor width. Its construction is from Hardox steel because the door also acts as a shear bar.
  • Rotor - 700 RPM overshot rotor with a width of 0.95m for efficient even spread pattern.
  • Drip Tray - Prevents spillage on the road etc.
  • Slurry canopy - These help to prevent slurry or liquids spilling during transport or on uneven ground.
  • 8 X Hardox rotor wear plates - These are also reversible to double the lifespan.
  • LED road lights - Full LED lights provide longevity & good visibility to traffic.
  • Hydraulic braked axle - Braked axle via the tractor hydraulic braking system.
  • Shearbolt protection for the Auger & Rotor driveline - M16 Auger & M10 Rotor driveline.
  • Standard 23.1 - 26 tyres.
  • Slurry Deflector - This can be adjusted to achieve the desired arc and spread pattern.


  • Capacity / Level - 7250L / 1600 Gallons
  • Volume / Level - 7.25m³
  • Overall Length (A) - 5380mm
  • Width over tyres (D) - 2600mm
  • Loading height - 2427mm
  • Opening length (C) - 2835mm
  • Width at top of tub (E) - 1694mm
  • Overall height (B) - 2594mm
  • Tyre size - 23.1-26
  • PTO speed - 540 rpm
  • Recommended size of tractor - 70-90 hp
  • Unladen weight - 2900kg
  • Gross weight - 9000kg
  • Unladen Drawbar weight - 648kg
  • Max Axle weight - 7636kg
  • Max Drawbar weight - 1964kg
  • Spread width - up to 18m
  • Door size (width) - 955mm
  • Door operation - double acting hydraulic ram
  • Max road speed - 20mph

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Shelbourne Reynolds Powerspread Dairy 1600 Muck Spreader

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