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Quicke Loaders

Multi-Faceted Design Advantages

Clean lines coupled with colour and form in keeping with your tractor is just one aspect of the unique design advantages of your quickie loader.

The otherside, the inside if you like, is the way in which Quicke's detailed design provides you with ergonomics and productivity in a class of their own.

Take for example, Q Vision, the superior view achieved by gathering all hoses inside the loader arms, or the arms double U profiles which provide you with the marketsbest torsional and bending resistance, or the curved cross tube which provides more space for front lifting and front weights and prevents the front lamps from being obscured.

The loaders connecting and disconnecting function, Lock & Go which has no loose parts. It's a solution which optimises both speed and safety when changing your tractors work task. Just as ingenious is the Clic-on implement lock, preventing you from connecting any implements incorrectly.

When choosing the correct loader, in addition to engine strength, the tractor's weight and size will influence you into your choice. Also the choice of a Parallel loader where there is 14 models to pick from or a Non Parallel loader where you have 6 different sizes to choose from.

Each loader is fitted with LCS (Loader Control System) with a new generation of joystick to bring a whole new dimension of control and user enjoyment and drive anywhere in the smoothest possible way. This highly innovative dampening system has been enhanced in conjuction with LCS, thus reducing the strain on the loader and subframes as well as the driver and tractor.

Implement Hooks for Various Loaders & Your Attachments

Quicke has long been able to offer alternative tool carriers that are suitable for several hook types (Euro, SMS & Quicke Type 3). This increases your options, as you can use both new and old implements.

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ALO Quickie Loaders

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