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  • ALO Silage Implements

ALO Silage Implements

Versatile, wear-resistant, productivity- boosting. Just like all our other implements, the grips are developed in close co-operation with farmers from around the world, thus ensuring the highest possible user benefits.

Silocut. SG -

The new silocut features welded tine sleeves, bolt on knives, conus 3 tines and upgrades that improves servicebility.

Thanks to the hardened cutting knifes on the front edge and sides, it leaves a clean cut surface in the silage. Angled side knifes cut against the side plates to ensure the material is cut towards the rear preventing tearing and create a clean side cut.


This is a extremely versatile implement. The close spacing of the tines practically eliminates the spilling of silage. The tines are mounted in a box section with welded sleeves. The tines make a circular motion through the material, which provides the cleanest cut. The material is pressed against the back of the implement when the tines are lowered, keeping silage in place even when driving over rough terrain.

Maxi Grapple.

For handling round bales, loose hay, twigs and branches, loose silage, manure and for any other general bucket work.


The Multibenne is ideal for filling diet feeders with various feeds but can handle all different types of fodder including manure.


The Powergrab is a very powerful implement with improved cutting quality and higher strenth, it has a unique conical shape which makes it easier to empty the material from the bucket. The cutting teeth are designed in such a way so that it is possible to pick up silage right against a wall.

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ALO Silage Implements

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