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  • ALO Trima Plus Loaders

Trima Plus Loaders

These are available as non-parallel which has 6 models or the parallel self levelling version where you have 14 models to pick from.

One of the basic phiosophies of Trima, is to make the heavy tasks light and to speed up time consuming activities.

Some of it's features include:-

  • Vertical mountings that optimize the turning radius
  • Oversized loader beam and pivot pins that maximise the effectiveness of the implements
  • Mechanical parallel linkage gives you everything from increased lifting power

The loaders are designed to deliver the best possible productivity and user advantage over a long period of time. The following are some of the examples that give the Trima Plus range it's unique durability and reliabilty.

  • Over engineered hard wearing subframe system
  • Reinforced crosstube that reduces stress and increases torsional strength
  • Bearing box with large contact areas that hold and stabilize all loads
  • Heavy duty pins reduce wear and axial play

This loader is a high performing front loader, at the same time there is a lot of built in consideration that makes even the toughest jobs gentle on the body, some of these considerations are:-

  • The superior load dampening of the PlusDrive gives a uniquely smooth handling and operator comfort
  • Easy to reach quicke connectors at a comfortable height provide simple connection of the implements
  • Always a perfect view thanks to the hydraulics.

Versa - X Series

Also available is the Versa-X series loader with 4 models which are non-parallel and 4 models as parallel to choose from.

Due to the design of the loader beam this loader has the lowest knee placement which means that by using this loader it gives you superb side visibility. There are also no hydraulic hoses that block your view.

The Versa-X has bushings at all the vital points and all galvanised pins have rubber washers that keep grease in place.

The heavy duty dimensions of the subframe are the same as the Trima Plus loaders, together with the inwardly curved design of the bearing box this gives the Versa-X loader a formidable torsional rigidity and stability.

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ALO Trima Plus Loaders

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