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  • Logic Contact 2000 Weed Wiper

The Logic Weed Wiper (Weed Licker) has been designed to be towed behind an ATV or other suitable farm vehicle and the chemical supply pump is powered hte the towing vehicles 12V electrics.

The 60 Litre supply tank will carry enough chemical to treat a large area as its only the targeted weeds that come in contact with the chemical. A unique, contra rotating brush ensures that each weed plant is liberally coated with chemical, ensuring rapid and effective weed control while at the same time eliminating chemical wastage and leaving untargeted plants such as valuable grass and clover untouched.

An over-ride button can be used at any point to supply extra chemical to the brush to treat a more dense area of weeds. This machine is a cost effective weed control ideal for the likes of rush, bracken, thistles, ragwort etc.

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Logic Contact 2000 Weed Wiper

  • Brand: Logic
  • Product Code: Contact 2000
  • Availability: Pre-Order
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