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  • Major Single Axle Tankers

Contractor LGP Tanker

Available in Capacities of 2050g, 2200g, 2250g, 2400g, 2600gallon.

This robust machine has been designed and manufactured with the larger producer or contractor in mind. The barrel is supported by a seperate chassis. The position of the axle relative to the machine length means that a perfect balance is achieved with 80% of the weight runing on the tankers axles and the remainder being carried on the tractor drawbar.

The tanker is baffled to prevent " wave" motions during transport, it is mounted on wide support wear plates to spread the weight reducing tension and stress, 6" filler points are placed on the sides and rear of the tank. Internal supports on the wheel arches strengthens the tanker where arches have been cut out, This prevents cracking. A swivel hitch is also fitted to give less wear on the hitch and hitch eye and this machine features a  high speed commerical axle rated up to 100km/hr for safer road use with the ability to brake safely and securely even at high speeds.

LGP Agri Tanker

Available in Capacities of 1420g, 1485g, 1675g & 1985gallon

Standard Agri Tanker

Available in Capacites of 1150g, 1495g, 1685g & 2040gallon.

The Standard and LGP Agri Tankers are fitted with many of the same features as standard like the detachable parking stand and the PTO holder which supports the PTO when not in use and prevents damage to the PTO cover. They are both constructed from 6mm steel for maximum strength and have a heavy duty axle. Rubber buffers are fitted on the drawbar which makes these tankers easier to tow and gives a smoother journey.

Features also include shearbolt protected PTO shaft to protect the pump in the event of blockages. They also have four fill point locations (three blanked) to allow you to choose the most suitable fill point for you.

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Major Single Axle Tankers

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