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Major Disc Injector

The Major 5.2m Disc Injector is a combined soil fertilising and furrowing machine with a working depth from 20mm to 60mm.

A powerful vogelsang macerator delivers slurry evenly through 40mm pipes. The slurry is inserted into slits created by the spring steel self sharpening cutting disks. The unit folds hydraulically giving a 2.4m transport width. This machine operates best in grass/stubvle of a height between 60-100mm. When working, the spring loaded discs create slits of 20-60mm deep which are completely filled with slurry. The slurry is only visible as narrow strips between the grass.

The distance between the slits is 200mm. Disc steerage allows the operator to steer around objects or obstacles. Automatic mechanical shut off prevents spillages and reduce leaf damage and a mechanical suspension to reduce wear and ensure that the discs follow the ground contours evenly. This machine has a four point linkage of  the injector unit for easy attachment and removal of the unit when not in use.

Major Trailing Shoe Slurry Injector

The Major MJTS6430 Slurry Applicator covers an area of 6.4m with 30 outlets, with a transport width of 2.7m.

Slurry enters the vogelsang macerator through the 4" bauer coupling and is distributed through the 40mm outlets. A large capacity sump is loacted under the macerator which collects debris. It can be cleared out easily without the use of tools.

The 40mm polycarbonate distribution pipes are finished off with couplings to allow simple maintenance of the rubber nozzles. The high tensile springs use the high carbon steel coulters to split the grass allowing the slurry to run on the ground. Pneumatic wheels are fitted as standard letting the frame follow the ground contours.

The ExaCut Macerator is fitted with an integrated foreign body seperator to prevent debris from blocking the outlets. It also contains self sharpening and self adjusting blades meaning reduced maintenance times and there is a automatic cut off to eliminate drips when the machine is not in use.

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Major Slurry Injectors

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