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  • Manitou MLT630's Telehandler


Length: 4.78m           Engine: Deutz                                                                       

Width: 2.13m             Power: 101ch                                                                   

Height: 2.37m           Lifting Capacity: 3000kg                              

Weight: 7000kg        Lifting Height: 6.10m                                               

MLT630-105 V CP    

Length: 4.78m            Engine: Deutz  

Width: 2.06m              Power: 101ch    

Height: 2.14m             Lifting Capacity: 3000kg   

Weight: 6760kg           Lifting Height: 6.00m

 MLT630 -105 V

Length: 4.78m          Engine: Deutz

Width: 2.13m            Power: 101ch

Height: 2.37m          Lifting Capacity: 3000kg

Weight: 6920kg       Lifting Height: 6.10m


 Manitou's all-terrain machines have extra ground clearance to overcome any obstacles in their path (such as potholes or uneven pavements) and keep moving forward when faced with uneven ground conditions. Additionally the 4-wheel drive and large tyres provide all the traction you need to move loads over soft or difficult terrain (such as mud, sand, grass, gravel etc) 

Our engineers have developed equipment with optimized torque for significant tractive force while maintaining an excellent weight/power ratio, balanced weight distribution for each axle and low ground pressure. 

Some sectors require smoothness and precision when approaching loads: occasionally caution is required or a load needs moving from a tight space as well. Certain Manitou machines come equipped with power steering, sharp turning radius, inching pedals and or hydrostatic transmissions to make approaching loads as smooth as possible for you.

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Manitou MLT630's Telehandler

  • Brand: Manitou
  • Product Code: MLT630's
  • Availability: Pre-Order
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