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  • McHale C430 Silage Feeder & Straw Blower

McHale C430 Silage Feeder & Straw Blower

Designed with the demands of today’s farmers in mind

The McHale C4 Silage Feeder & Straw Blower range is comprised of 4 models to cater for your needs. The McHale C490 is the flagship model in the range which is a trailed machine that has the capacity for three 5ft diameter bales. McHale have expanded this range by adding two models to include the McHale C430 linkage machine to cater for users who have restricted access to confined space and the McHale C470 to provide a machine with extra capacity.

Twin Speed Gearbox - A key feature on the C4 range is its twin speed independent gearbox, which allows the operator to easily adjust from 280 rpm for feeding silage or hay up to 540 rpm for using the machine to distribute straw for bedding.

Feeding - The McHale C4 range of machines are ideal machines for feeding silage and hay, the twin speed gearbox allows silage and hay to be distributed exactly where it is desired. The speed of the conveyor is proportionally controlled allowing the operator to adjust feeding speed depending on the material density and composition.

Bedding - The McHale C4 range of machines can be used to distribute bedding material quickly and efficiently leaving a thick aerated bed of straw. In difficult to access bedding areas, the chute on the McHale C4 range can pass through 300 degrees for ease of bedding. Straw can be blown up to 18m.

Features and benefits 

  • Twin Speed Gearbox for Different Crops
  • 300° – 3 Stage Feed Chute
  • Joystick Chute Control
  • External Loading Controls
  • Independent Rotor Drive with Hydraulic Activation
  • Clever Machine Body Design
  • A model to meet your requirements
  • Flywheel (Straw Blowing Turbine)
  • Rotor with Hydraulic Activation
  • Floor Conveyor
  • Blowing & Feeding Chute
  • Rotor with High Torque Belt Drive

The McHale C430 is a 3 – point linkage machine designed for farmers who have to work within confined spaces for feeding and bedding. The short and compact body on the McHale C430 makes it ideal for manoeuvering in narrow passages, especially in buildings with one door. The C430 has the capacity to carry and feed two 4ft diameter round bales of hay or straw or one round bale of silage or haylage.

Dimensions & Weight 

  • Unladen Weight - 1,800 Kg (3968 lbs)
  • Length (Door Open) - 4M (157”)
  • Length (Door Closed) - 2.64M (104”)
  • Width - 2.03M (80”)
  • Body Height - 2.13M (84”)
  • Bale Chamber Width - 1.4M (56")
  • Bale Chamber Height - 1.22M (48")
  • Bale Chamber Length - 1.17M (46")
  • Bale Chamber Capacity - 1 x 1.2M (47") diameter bales


  • Coveyor Drive - Hydraulic
  • No. of conveyor slats - 7

Rotor / Chopping Unit

  • No. of Disks on Rotor - 7
  • No. of Knifes - 56
  • Rotor Drive Type - High Torque Belt Drive
  • Gearbox - Twin Speed
  • PTO - 540 with slip & overrun protection


  • Minimum Horsepower - 90 kW (120 hp)
  • Tractor Hydraulics - 1 x feed, 1 x return
  • Minimum Oil Flow Requirement - 35 litres/min @ 160 bar (2,320 psi)
  • Tractor Mounting - 3 Point Linkage


  • Control - Electrical with joystick chute control
  • Chute Rotation - 300 degrees
  • Chute Composition - 3 stage
  • Max. Discharge Distance - 18 metres

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McHale C430 Silage Feeder & Straw Blower

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