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General Purpose Bucket - Suitable for loading any type of loose material. Heavy duty build for enhanced durability and strength, also available is a basic general purpose bucket which is cost effective for everyday use.

Multipurpose Bucket - This bucket boasts a higher capacity and has been entirely re-designed to offer greater stability thanks to the heavy section square tube in the upper section which strengthens the bucket. It also has a cylinrical rearside to make it easier to clean and helps to avoid material from sticking.

High Capacity Bucket - Extra large bucket for handling grain and other low density material.

Bucket with Maize Rotor - Self feed bucket to achieve a flat, clean face on your maize silage clamp.

High Tip Grain Bucket - Specifically developed to enable a tractor/loader unit to load high trailers and grain lorries.

Earth Bucket - Robust implement for digging

4 in 1 Bucket - Highly versatile implement for intensive digging, loading, grading etc.

Also available is a section of feeding buckets, (see the brochure for more details), these buckets are an esstial attachment to feed animals quickly and efficiently, as they are strong reliable and easy to use, with large capacities to maximize output. The buckets outside profile is free from any protruding components which could be damaged against walls or feed barriers.

MX have attachments like maure forks, general purpose grabs, pallet forks & carriers, for any information on these or any of the MX equipment please check out the brochures to download or give our sales team a ring who would be happy to explain about any of the equipment or your requirements with you.

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