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PLM - Precision Land Management

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New Holland offers a full range of complete guidance solutions that can be tailored to suit your individual needs, from entry-level manual guidance, via assisted guidance right through to the top of the range fully integrated auto guidance which effectively manages the machine for you.

With a full range of correction signals, the modular solution can be used on any machine. Intuitive, user-friendly interfaces mean you can use guidance with confidence and Precision Land Management software enables you to download & analyse yield data to fine tune and reduce costs.

Reduce operational costs – the primary purpose of New Holland’s Precision Land Management (PLM) is to save fuel and input costs by ensuring parallel passes (it eliminates overlap) when working either in straight lines, curves, pivots or on undulating ground.

Improve productivity, even in dusty conditions – When planting, spraying, cultivating or harvesting in difficult weather conditions or at night, the operator can focus on his task without any risk of overlap or joining rows while driving faster.

Increase operator’s comfort – Operators using PLM often report “being less fatigued and stressed” as one of the fundamental of precision farming.

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