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  • Shelbourne Reynolds Cubicle Bedder

3 models are available:-

CB100 - Capacity 0.6 m3, Weight 330kg, Height 1.15m, Overall Width 1.6m.

CB150- Capacity 1.20 m3, Weight 400kg, Height 1.37m, Overall Width 1.9m.

CB300- Capacity 1.45 m3, Weight 450kg, Height 1.37m, Overall Width 2.2m.

The Shelbourne Cubicle Bedder is designed to dispense a uniform layer of bedding material to either side quickly and with minimal operator effort. A significant advantage of this machine is that it can spread a very wide range of materials including, sawdust, shavings, paper, chopped straw and sand all by adjusting the same machine rather than using different machines.

The cubicle bedder can also be used as a dispensing bucket for both dry feeds and mixed rations.

These machines work by consisting of a rugged welded steel bucket with a 30cm wide hydraulically driven cleated belt running in the bottom. This belt will operate in either direction allowing the operator to bed cubicles on either side of the machine.

Rate of discharge can be varied using adjustable internal slides as well as varying the speed of the belt using the tractor/loader hydraulic flow control.

A centrally mounted agitator shaft is operated hydraulically above the belt with beater tines to prevent bridging and ensure even feeding down onto the belt. Tines can be removed according to the type of material being used.

All machines can be attached to a tractor 3 point linkage and operated as standard. However a tipping frame will need to be added in order to tilt the bucket to self load.

The cubicle bedders advantages include reduced labour, reduces bedding material usage by 50% and it means more evenly distributed bedding.

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Shelbourne Reynolds Cubicle Bedder

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