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  • Shelbourne Reynolds HD700 Series Tele & VFR

HD 700 Series Tele & VFR

The Shelbourne Reynolds range of heavy duty hedge and verge trimmers are available in 5.5m, 6m & 7m boom sizes. A range of specitications and configurations make it suitable for both farmers and contractors.

HD755 Model

This model is a fixed boom 5.5m extension machine aimed specifically at verge mowing contractors. The robust design and centre mounted head make the machine ideal for demanding contracting work. All the HD models have the oil cooler integrated into the top of the tank and both well positioned for functionality as well as being reasonably protected against falling debris.

HD760T Model

The HD760T model is equipped with a standard telescopic boom which gives 1.2m of telescopic advantage, This means that the machine is remarkably compact 4.8m machine when retracted telescoping out to 6m. This makes this machine compact enough to be used on narrow lanes and yet also has the reach for large hedges.

HD770T Model

Designed primarily for contractors this model is flexible between 5.5m and 7.0m using a 1.5m telescopic ram. The large telescopic capacity means this machine is reasonably compact yet ideal for long reach work.  Axle bracket mounting will be necessary on all except the largest tractors due to the heavy duty build as the machines weighs 1750kg.

HD780T Model

The range topping HD780T gives 8m reach with a 1.2m outboard drive head. It is commonly used by drainage canal mowing contractors with a 1.5m inboard drive head where the reach tops out at 8.3m. The machine incorporates a single stage telescopic outer boom with a 1.80m of telescopic extension. This takes the machine from a resonably compact 6.2m upto 8m.

HD762VFR & HD767VFR Models

These machines provide the strength, durability of a mid mount machine. The secondary boom pivot point is close to the cutting head which means that the machine only loses 200mm of reach when the head is moved forward. Maximum reach is 6.2m with the machine fully extended out and 6m with the head fully extended forwards. The significant 1.5m of forward reach is enough to bring the head alongside the operator on even the largest cab forward modern tractors, the forward reach is variable between 0 and 1.5m. Standard controls are the digital proportional joystick. The 767 features maximum reach of 6.7m with 1.7m of forward reach. Visibility and operator comfort are critical for preofessional users.

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Shelbourne Reynolds HD700 Series Tele & VFR

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