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  • Shelbourne Reynolds Powerspread Dairy

Shelbourne Reynolds Powerspread Dairy

The Powerspreads from Shelbourne Reynolds is the most comprehensive range of side discharge manure spreaders available with the ability to spread all types of farmyard dung including dry poultry litter and industrial wasts accurately and with a fine fragmentation.

The Dairy is your general purpose  side discharge farm spreader which will spread all types of slurry and straw yard dung and is available in 1600, 1800 & 2000 gallons. It has a fixed auger speed of 13 rpm at 540 PTO speed which makes for fast and efficient spreading.

Common design features to all this models is the tapered tub design and unique contra rotating auger that pulls dung from both the front and rear of the spreader to the patented centrally opening door. This produces a "boiling" action inside the spreader when applying a fine coating of manure and reduces the stresses on the body of the spreader. The door of the powerspread is vertically lifting thus qallowing the full width of the impeller to be used at all times, the impeller itself is overshot in design, or spinning upwards, at 700rpm which makes for a very fine fragmentation, which is essential for grassland work and gives spread width in excess of 20 meters.

Features included in this machine are:- Chops & spreads solids and liquids, it is strong & reliable with a 8mm thick floor, even weight distribution & good stabilty provided by a tapered body design and low central auger, it has a easy to maintain heavy duty chain and sprocket drive, with road legal lighting kit and hydraulic brakes fitted as standard.

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Shelbourne Reynolds Powerspread Dairy

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