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  • Shelbourne Reynolds Powerspread Pro

Shelbourne Reynolds Powerspread Pro

Short Wheel Base

Available in 1800 and 2300 gallons.

The Powerspread Pro (SWB) is a side discharge spreader with overshot impellor as found on the Powerspread Dairy but with unique new features.

This short wheelbase Pro range replaced the contractor range in 2011. Both short and long wheelbase machines share the same driveline using 1 3/4 inch heavy duty chain to drive the single speed auger. Shear bolts have been uprated from 6mm to 10mm and the drive is generally able to transmit significantly more power which give greater workrates if required. The drive line also has a reverse drive fitted to help clear any obstructions  inside the spreader, this coupled with the hydraulic drop down drip tray and impellor will ensure that any obstructions can be removed quickly and spreading can continue with minimal time loss.

Long Wheel Base

Available in 2400 and 3200 gallons.

The Pro 3200 has a capacity of about 15 tonnes in solid manure and is aimed primarily at the contractor and large scale farmer, the 2400 has a capacity of about 11 tonnes and is ideally suited for use by more average livestock units.

Both models employ a large diameter horizontal auger to convey material to the centrally positioned rotor which then powers it out to the right of the machine to create an even, 20m wide spread pattern. The use of vertical along with an agitator unit eliminates any tendency for material to bridge above the auger as the spreader empties.

The rotor, which turns at 750rpm, has an upward rotation and uses the specially strengthened edge of the exit door as a shear bar, material is reduced in size as it leaves the machine and creates an even spread pattern. The door itself has a hydraulically operated slide so that application rates can be controlled from the tractor cab.

Should the system experience a blockage, access to the machine is made easy by raising the exit door slide to its full extent and by being able to hydraulically lower the rotor to below floor level so the maximum accessible area becomes available. A reverse drive facility is also fitted as standard enabling the operator to reverse the central feed auger in the event of a blockage.

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Shelbourne Reynolds Powerspread Pro

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