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Easy Handling in all Situations

Highly effective, the MANUBAL range promotes easier handling of bales, gripped on their curved or flat surface, you can handle and stack them with complete confidence and precision

V40 - With its compact chassis and large grip the Manubal V40 is the ideal attachment for handling and stacking round and square straw bales. With six grip tines it can easily handle one or two at once and with its optional twin tine kit you have the added versatility to spike bales.

V50 - With its extending mast the V50 is the ideal solution for stacking up to 5 bales high with a tractor loader unit. The elevation of the grip is made from the tractor seat with a patented ratchet system. Your storage is maximised without compromising safety.

V60 - The Manubal V60 allows safe and efficient handling of straw bales. It can lift, rotate and drop the bale without constantly re-positioning the tractor. Stacking is achieved without having to release the bale, whatever your storage method.

V500 - The V500 has a large grip with 8 curved tines, allowing 2 bales to be handled with ease in total security.

W500 - The Manubal W500 has 2 grips that can be operated independently, this reduces handling time when gathering bales in the field, hence increasing productivity.

Depending on your requirements MX can also offer you a Manubal that spikes or paletizes up to 5 bales at the same time

L40 - Simple spike for easy handling of round and/or square bales. Stack bales up to 4 high. ideal for daily requirements

L500 - Equipped as standard with two floating tines featuring an adjustable spacing, The L500 safely spikes or paletizes bales of all sizes, even the biggest ones.

L6000 - With 3 standard floating tines and a backrest extension available as an option, the Manubal L6000 ensures an easy and efficient handling of 3 round bales and of 4 to 5 square bales.

Careful Handling for your Wrap Bales

Manubal C40 - Incorporating an integrated synchronising spring the machine self-aligns the bale to promote easier handling. The slim arm design enables the bales to be stacked close together and although this was designed for wrapped bales it can also handle round hay and straw bales.

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Twose Bale Handling

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